Earth Bond Systems from Glenair


The reliable Earth Bond System of the manufacturer Glenair  is suitable for the derivation of electrical current to earth.

Easy fitting due to hydraulic assist tooling

The hydraulic setting tool with trigger-release retract mechanism is operable easy and one-handed. That means that the bolts can be fitted on constructions out of steel or aluminium from 1,5 mm wall thickness. Thanks to the innovative assembly technology of this hydraulic assist tooling, additional work steps, like welding, compression, cleaning or other surface treatments, are no longer necessary.

Earth connections – phenomenal reliability, functionality and durability

The ground bolts of Glenair’s Earth Bond Systems can be installed during every production phase of a machine, a conveyor system, a device or a vehicle, because nothing has to be welded. A conductive connection is always guaranteed because the internal drill hole surface is connecting and not the plate surface. During the installation extreme horizontal forces (lateral forces) are being generated, which are producing a practical inextricably earth connection. The tensile strength of the earth connections (depending on the diameter of the bolt) was tested with a traction of 2.000 to 8.000 Newton (correspond to 200 to 800 kg).

Fields of application

As the Glenair earth connections require only a one-handed adaption, many places are suitable for setting the bolt. Even in blind holes the earthing expansion bolt can be installed. The two-layer bolts made of stainless steel (with conductive copper core) are corrosion-resistant and were subjected to a 500 hour salt spray test. In various measurements around the connection point, an electrical connection resistance from 20 to 120 micro Ohm (µΩ) was measured. The systems are used, for example, in the automotive industry, in rail and military vehicles as well as in heavy-duty traffic.

Your key benefits

  • Consistent quality even on rough or bent surfaces
  • Supports both thru-hole and blind hole installation
  • Cost savings thanks to fast and easy setting of the earthing expansion bolt
  • Only one person necessary for the installation and only one hand for setting the bolt
  • Universal application: can be installed to any suitable chassis location
  • Approved to VGV96953-11

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