HARTING hinged frame plus with many advantages


The well-known Han-Modular® system made by our manufacturer HARTING has been extended with the addition of the new "hinged frame plus".

The Design of the hinged frames was essentially retained to ensure full compatibility with all Han-Modular® connectors as well as a high mechanical stability.

What is new about the "hinged frame plus"?

The new "hinged flame plus" has got an additional stainless steel spring which keeps the frame engaged, wheter it is in closed or open position. This eases the assembly of frame and connector modules.

Also new is the funnel-shaped the frame window. This enables the automatic centering of all modules when closing the frame.

Furthermore there is a contour at the hinged frame which keeps it together so that the fixing element is not needed any longer. At the same time this contour creates a hearable "click" when the frame is being closed.

For better orientation while assembling the modules, the frame has been marked in form of a black triangleAll other lettering is now printed with better visibility so all module positions (A to F) can now be identified at first sight.

Your Key Benefits:

  • The additional stainless steel spring makes assembly easy
  • Modules are being centered automatically when closing
  • Compatible to all Han-Modular® connectors

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