HARTING Han-Modular Domino Modules


Harting presents the popular Han-Modular® series in combination with a world first, the Domino module.

With this you can achieve both space and weight savings of up to 50%. Whether in automation, robotics, machinery, web manufacturing or wind turbines; you can combine power, signals, data or compressed air, as well as pin and socket contacts in one module.

Just as a domino is made up of two separate fields, the Domino module is also made up of two separate fields, called "cubes". These have a plug-in face consisting of two almost square surfaces and can be configured as you wish and exactly to your needs.

Each module consists of a cube with a small tab and a large tab for fixing in the holding frame and is plugged together via a toothing.

It is compatible with the Han-Modular® series, so you can easily integrate the Domino System into existing systems; existing housings, holding frames and connector modules can be added and continue to be used.

The advantages at a glance:

  • up to 50% space savings due to smaller and lighter plug-in connections, both during production and transport
  • cost reduction during installation and operation of machines and systems
  • maximum flexibility through free configuration
  • shorter installation times due to the combination of several individual plug-in connections
  • reduced personnel costs due to shorter installation times
  • compatible with the Han-Modular® series
  • Sustainability through consistent modularization

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