Harting Han-Modular® Domino Modules


You already use the Harting HAN series, need even more functions in your connector, but have no more free, available space? No problem with the Harting Han-Modular Domino System.

Make two out of one - the Han Domino module is composed of two separate fields, just like a domino. You can mix the individual inserts, called "cubes", as you wish.

If you use monoblocks or HAN Modular, you can easily replace the inserts with the HAN Domino System.

Since it is compatible with the HAN Modular series, you can also exchange only individual components here and replace one slot of the Modular system with two Domino systems. This gives you, for example, an additional data, power or signal line in the connector you are already using.

Your existing holding frames, existing housings and connector modules can thus be supplemented with up to twice as many functions and continue to be used.

You can also use the same functions of a Modular connector in a connector of the smaller size by using the Domino modules and thus save space.

You can configure these as you wish and tailored exactly to your needs.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Compatible with the Han-Modular® series
  • -Up to 50 % space savings due to smaller and lighter plug-in connections, both during production and transport
  • Cost reduction in the installation and operation of machinery and equipment
  • Maximum flexibility due to free configuration
  • Shorter installation times due to the combination of several individual plug-in connections
  • Reduced personnel costs due to shorter installation times
  • Sustainability through consistent modularization


Target markets:

  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Machine building
  • Railway manufacturing
  • Wind turbines


Additional information:


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