INS 265 design kit from PTR Hartmann


PTR Hartmann is a leading manufacturer of connection technology and terminal blocks for industrial applications. With the new product INS265 Designkit, the company offers a housing for DIN rails that is individually configurable and meets the highest standards of quality and reliability.

The DIN rail enclosure INS265 is available in the standard width of 6.2 mm. The width can be individually expanded up to 15.0 mm. The corresponding circuit board is custom-designed and soldered to the 6 contact points of the housing. This ensures optimal connection of the electrical components and reliable transmission. If no connection is desired at one or more of the 6 connection points, the openings are closed with blind plugs.

Thanks to PTR Hartmann's engineering, the INS265 DIN rail enclosure is not only high-quality but also particularly robust and durable. Therefore, it is ideally suited for use in demanding environments and applications where the highest reliability is required.

Technical details at a glance:

  • DIN rail enclosure with housing widths ranging from 6.2 to 15.0 mm
  • Up to 6 connection options
  • Push-In connection

Customizable circuit boards housing options:

  • Separation knife
  • LED prism
  • Grounding foot
  • Actuator for slide switches
  • Universal opening for, e.g., USB-C connection
  • Opening for rotary switches
  • Side housing openings
  • Laser marking on the conductor entries
  • Laser marking on the side walls
  • Various colors

As accessories, insulated bridges, as well as labeling clips in different colors, are available.

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