New: CONEC SnapLock D-SUB Hoods & Connectors


New: CONEC SnapLock D-SUB Hoods & Connectors

The company CONEC expanded its product portfolio for D-SUB hoods by adding different CONEC SnapLock variants. In that regard, the hood comes with a locking system for quick and easy locking. Time-consuming screwing of the hood to the mating connector is no longer required and from there a long lasting connection is made without losable screws.

Even poorly visible device interfaces can be locked through the audible and tangible “click” quickly and safely. With an upgrade kit, existing interfaces are also compatible with a CONEC SnapLock hood. The CONEC SnapLock system also allows a hood-to-hood connection.

-    Drive technology
-    Automation technology
-    Housing and device connection
-    Communication technology
-    Mechanical Engineering
-    Process automation and Process control
-    Transport technology

More Product specifications:
-    Shell size: 1-5
-    Cable entry: 2 (Size 1-2) ; 3 ( Size 3-5)
-    Positioning cable entry: straight, side
-    Hood Material: plastic black or metallized
-    Shell material (D-SUB): steel tin plated
-    Number of poles: 9, 15, 25, 37, 50
-    Cable: 7,5-11 mm

Your Key Benefits:
-    Quick and easy locking/unlocking
-    Locking kit hood-to-hood
-    Connector with integrated, non-losable bolts
-    Kit for back panel mounting and upgrade of existing systems
-    To be used for: D-SUB, HD-SUB, Combination D-SUB
-    It is possible to realize wire-to-wire for SUB-D

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