PC 6: Safe PCB connector from PHOENIX CONTACT


Phoenix Contact's range of PCB connectors continues to grow with the introduction of the new PC 6 PCB connectors with screw connection. These new connectors offer increased safety in accordance with IEC/UL 61800-5-1 standards and enable finger-safe PCB and device outputs without the need for inverted plug connections.

The PC 6 series is available in different pole numbers from two to six and, in addition to the standard version without locking, also offers a variant with a different colored middle flange, which saves space and can be operated intuitively. The plugs have a nominal cross-section of 6 mm² with a 7.62 mm pitch and a current-carrying capacity of up to 41 A. They have the same mating face as the LPC 6 plugs with lever connection technology. They are therefore compatible with these and also enable the simple looping through of potentials in the PC 6/...-ST-BUS plug version.

Overall, the PC 6 series from Phoenix Contact offers flexible connector solutions for power electronics that meet the requirements for both safety and ease of use.

Main features

  • Grid: 7.62 mm
  • Currents up to 41 A
  • Voltages up to 1,000 V
  • 2- to 6-pole
  • Optionally with center locking flange
  • Extended contact protection in accordance with IEC/UL 61800-5-1


Your advantages

  • Compatible plug-in face with LPC 6
  • Extended contact protection, even when unplugged
  • Worldwide application thanks to the familiar screw connection
  • Integrated steel over-spring in the connection area ensures high contact reliability


If you have any questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our office staff, who will be happy to provide you with a personalized quote. 

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