Potter & Brumfield solid state relays


Potter & Brumfield solid state relays

Potter & Brumfield solid state relays of the world’s leading relay manufacturer TE Connectivity are silent, fast and highly durable.

Potter & Brumfield


The solid state relays of Potter & Brumfield’s series SSR, SSRD and SSRT are especially suitable for industrial applications, in which many switching operations are required. At the same time they convince by fast and quiet switiching.

Since the Potter & Brumfield solid state relays don’t contain any moving parts, they offer a longer electrical endurance. The relays have very quick closing and opening times among a practically unlimited number of operating cycles.

Solid state relays are especially featured in industrial applications such as, for example heating systems, energy supply, lighting and conveyor technology.

Your key benefits Blick


•    Long electrical life
•    Silent and fast operation/switching
•    Shock and vibration resistance
•    Low power consumption and low electrical noise

Technical prodct features

•    240V AC and 480 V AC outputs
•    Versions up to maximum 10, 25, 40, 50 and 125 A rms
•    Configurations with 1 make contact (SSR / SSRT) and 2 make contacts (SSRD)
•    Versions, which turns on by zero or random voltage
•    Housing: standard „hockey puck“
•    Mounting type: Chassis Mount
•    Operating signal lamp – LED as optical coupling (SSR / SSRT)
•    UL approval E29244

If you have any further questions about the product range Potter & Brumfield from TE Connectivity, our contact persons from the internal sales will be pleased to be at your disposal and to prepare a personal offer for you.

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