RF Video Overlay – Stable network supply with high data rates for your home office


Difficulties in the home office

In the days of the Corona virus and home office, the digital communication network at home is heavily loaded: Skype conferences, webinars and other online meetings require high and fast data capacities. In most households, several family members use different online portals at the same time, which leads to a reduction in the data rate. This results in further bottlenecks - in the worst case, a breakdown in the communication network.

To avoid the problems described, HUBER+SUHNER recommends a solution from its subsidiary, BKtel: the concept of RF video overlay offers end customers digital and analog television with a data rate of several gigabits per second.


HUBER+SUHNER BKtel develops, produces and implements active and passive components for broadband networks and has extensive know-how in the areas of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), hybrid fiber coax (HFC) and distributed access architecture (DAA) as well as in optical signal processing (optical converters, amplifiers and fiber lasers). The company was taken over by HUBER+SUHNER in September 2019.

About the concept of RF-Video-Overlay

RF-Video-Overlay is a system solution that outsources the transmission of the TV signals in order to ensure the necessary capacities for other simultaneous high-peak data requests. Fiber optic networks are perfect for this transmission.

Since the transmission with light waves goes through without loss of quality, a transmission of over 100 km is possible. For the conversion of the optical signals, HUBER+SUHNER BKtel has developed the XON terminal series, which can be equipped with the required termination unit (TV and / or Internet) depending on the customer's requirements.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Relieve traffic
  • Reliable and high quality TV broadcast
  • Easy installation
  • Adaptable to any network size
  • Low operating costs
  • Customized solutions

Learn more about the concept of RF-Video-Overlay

Download: Flyer about RF-Video-Overlay-solutions

Download: Flyer about FTTH-solutions

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