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Shrink tubes are among the main components of the Raychem product series from TE Connectivity. They are suitable for extreme environmental and weather conditions and can thus be used for a wide range of different applications such as in mechanical engineering, rail transport, energy technology or power supply. The RoHS-compliant products of the series ATUM, CGPT and RNF-100 are available ex stock from Börsig.

ATUM - shrink tubes with a high stretch rate 

The shrink tubes of the ATUM series have a high shrink ratio of 3:1 or 4:1. This means most damage to the cable sheath can be repaired without removing the plug-type connectors. The polyolefin tubes are lined with a self-adhesive glue which sticks to numerous plastics, rubbers and metals - including polyethylene, aluminium, steel and copper.

Data sheet for the ATUM series

Standard shrink tubes of the CGPT series

The flame-resistant polyolefin heat shrink tubes of the CGPT series are suitable for universal use and available in the shrink ratios 2:1 and 3:1. This series is suitable for a whole range of applications thanks to the unique combination of chemical, electrical and physical properties.

Data sheet for the CGPT series

RNF-100 - shrink tubes for military purposes

The RNF-100 series is universal, flame-resistant and high-performance heat shrink tubing made of polyolefin. The special properties of this product series include resistance to liquids and an outstanding performance at higher temperatures. Thanks to the physical, chemical and electrical properties of this universal tubing, it is used mainly in the industry and military sectors. The shrink ratio of the RNF-100 series is 2:1.

Data sheet for the RNF-100 series

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