SUPERSEAL PRO Connectors from TE


Börsig GmbH is an authorized distributor for connectors for commercial vehicles (ICT) from TE Connectivity.

The progressive electrification does not stop at the sales market of commercial vehicles. To cope with the upheaval in this important sector, the premium manufacturer TE Connectivity has found a simple and cost-effective solution, especially for applications with flying assembly (cable-to-cable).

The 2-pole Superseal Pro scores not only with its low weight and high reliability, but also with its practical design, which enables simple plugging and unplugging of the connector.

  • TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) Pre-locking and improved design of the front seal The contact positioning assurance and the housing are installed. Therefore, no additional mounting is required. The front seal remains securely in position during the mating process.
  • High degree of protection With end housing, degrees of protection of IP67/IP68/IP6K9K are achieved.
  • Color and key coding of the TPA Different coating and wire size options for the contacts are available for different applications. In addition to color coding, various key coding options are also available to eliminate accidental mismating.
  • MCON 1.2 SWS contacts are used MCON 1.2 SWS contacts provide a current carrying capacity of up to 17 A (80 °C) and the contacts are vibration resistant according to USCAR V2.
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