Usual service although Corona


Due to the expansion of the coronavirus, Börsig GmbH has taken a variety of measures in order that we can still provide you with the usual service and guarantee delivery of your ordered products.

Keeping our availability by mail and telephone

To ensure that our colleagues can still be contacted, some of our colleagues are working in the HomeOffice. This also includes our colleagues in our offices in Soest, Freiberg and Vienna.

Product availability

Due to our huge storage area, we are able to provide short-term product and delivery availability for a wide range of products.

In addition, we are in active communication with our manufacturers to get information about their production and delivery situations. If open customer orders should be affected by such restrictions, we will inform you about it as soon as possible.

Keeping our delivery dates to you

So far our supply chain has not been affected by the virus. To take care of this, our logistics department is working in several shifts from now on to make sure that we can deliver to you on time.  

Further internal measures that have been taken and implemented are:

  • Expulsion of third parties from the company building
  • Establishment of restricted zones in the storage area
  • Postponement of customer and supplier deadlines
  • Travel restrictions of our employees
  • Separate break times and keeping the table limits in the break rooms
  • Installation of hygiene stations

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