WXsmart soldering station from Weller Tools


Weller Tools is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality soldering tools and soldering stations. With decades of experience and innovative technology, Weller Tools offers solutions for precise soldering in various industries. The products stand for quality, reliability and efficiency.

WXsmart is an advanced combination hand soldering platform that offers maximum connectivity and traceability. It acts as the brain of the workbench by combining various soldering applications into one station. With its smart soldering tips and tools, it enables Smart Soldering 4.0, saving time, cost and space. The various connection options, including WLAN or LAN, ensure easy access at all times. In addition, the system offers high security through built-in cybersecurity and has maximum connectivity with IoT standards for easy traceability and remote access via mobile devices.

Overall, WXsmart offers an innovative solution for hand soldering that covers all aspects of the soldering process and provides users with maximum control, intelligence, security and connectivity. With its modular design and ability to integrate with existing systems, WXsmart ensures a high level of investment security. It is ideal for different users in different industries and offers numerous tools and features to meet individual requirements.



  • maximum connectivity 
  • built-in cybersecurity
  • Smart Soldering 4.0
  • Total Process Control (TPC)

These benefits make WXsmart a future-proof solution for many industries such as electronics, medical device manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, LED and solar technology.


If you have any further questions about WXsmart from Weller Tools, please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative who will be happy to prepare your personal offer.

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More information about the product can also be found on the  Weller Tools website


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