PTR Hartmann Spring Contacts

Spring contacts for different applications

  • High current spring contacts from 16 A - 400 A
  • Pneumatic spring contacts for function test
  • High frequency spring contacts
  • Battery charging contacts
  • Interface blocks
  • Customized spring contacts

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ICT spring contacts (E-series)

The range of ICT spring contacts includes all common series that have established themselves on the market as international standards.

  • Variants from 40 mil (1.00 mm) to 100 mil (2.54 mm) pitch
  • Long-stroke spring contacts for two-stage applications
  • HPL spring contacts (High Preload) for contacting printed circuit boards that oxidize or are contaminated with residues after the soldering process

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Spring contacts for cable test

For the cable test application area, we offer a wide range of spring contacts covering all essential applications.

  • Threaded spring contacts for pitches from 50 mil (1.27 mm) to 177 mil (4.5 mm)
  • Plunger pins for checking the correct position of sockets in PCB connectors
  • Switch spring contacts with thread and quick change system
  • Torsion-proof spring contacts for accurate positioning of contacts
  • Latching needles for checking the correct latching of contacts in the PCB connectors

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