PHOENIX CONTACT Charging Controls

Phoenix Contact offers various charging controls for e-mobility under the "Charx control" division. Both DC and AC charging controls are manufactured. These controllers are used in the wallbox at home as well as in a charging park at the freeway service station. The controller is used to monitor and control the charging process. The controllers comply with the international standards IEC, GB/T and SAE.



  • Products conforming to standards 
  • High flexibility 
  • Easy implementation 
  • Easy integration

DC charging controls

Networked charging stations through the mode 4 charging controllers "CHARX control professional" with direct current incl. Ethernet, mobile radio, RFID authentication and much more. The standard complies with IEC 61851-23. The charging control includes the commuication, monitoring and regulation of the charging process. The panel also performs other functions, such as visualization.


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AC Charging Controls

Networked charging stations through the mode 3 charging controllers "CHARX control modular". The devices offer extensive functions and interfaces in a compact design. They have an open Linux platform and are prepared for IoT applications, smart services and sector coupling. The portfolio covers all charging applications and receives continuous software updates.


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