PHOENIX CONTACT Power Electronics

The economic operation of your DC charging infrastructure for fast charging is enabled by the highly efficient CHARX power electronics. Whether charging modules in the charging pole or entire system cabinets for charging parks in the megawatt range, the CHARX power system offers solutions for DC charging with high voltages and currents up to High Power Charging (HPC).



  • Quick installation 
  • Simple connection technology 
  • Efficient, economical operation  
  • Scalable charging power 
  • Compliance with European safety and EMC standards 
  • Flexible design of charging systems  

30 kW power modules are available as AC/DC and DC/DC converters. One can install them directly into the charging pole, which then provides a stable power supply for charging the electric vehicles. The module complies with 19" standard dimension, as well as push-lock and T-LOX quick connection technology.


For larger systems such as charging parks, the 87.5 kW power module is used. This is installed in the system cabinet via rack mounting. In total, the cabinet can be brought up to a charging power of 350 kW.


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