Transparent Film Antennas

Nearly invisible attachment to automotive surfaces

The transparent foil antennas from HIRSCHMANN MOBILITY were developed especially for the automotive market and are particularly suitable for communication and TV services. The special feature of the antennas is that they are almost invisible. Compared to conventional foil antennas, the transparency is increased from around 40 % to over 80 %. The transparency opens up more mounting spaces in the vehicle and increases safety, as the window can be kept intact in the event of an accident, for example (comparable to splinter protection films). Nevertheless, the antennas do not compromise performance: they provide the same RF power as full surface antennas.

Product features:

  • Frequency range: between 100 MHz and 6 GHz
  • High transparency of more than 80% enables almost invisible attachment to surfaces such as windows with strict design requirements.
  • Same HF power as full surface antenna

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If you have any further questions about transparent fil antennas from HIRSCHMANN MOBILITY, please don’t hesitate to contact our internal service team, who will be happy to make you an individual offer.

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