Cables & Feedthroughs from PHOENIX CONTACT

The use of cable glands guarantees a particularly reliable and robust feed-through of the individual cables into the control cabinet. The CES cable entry system also provides you with a clear and cost-effective solution for space-saving cable entry for several assembled and unassembled cables. Choose between combinable modules or cable entry plates.



Cable Glands for Standard Applications

For general use, choose cable glands from Phoenix Contact that are easy to assemble and provide excellent strain relief. The product range includes half glands with onion seal for housings with threaded connectors as well as complete glands for threaded housings. Reliable EMC cable glands are flexible and easy to install for shielded cables. High-conductivity foil provides reliable connection of low-impedance and inductive resistors between cable shields. 

  • Plastic cable glands made of polyamide with integrated strain relief in protection class IP68, with metric, Pg or NPT threads  
  • Brass cable glands nickel-plated with integrated strain relief in protection class IP68/IP69K, with metric, Pg or NPT thread  
  • EMC brass cable glands, nickel-plated with integrated strain relief in protection class IP68, with metric or Pg thread


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Cable Glands for the Ex Area

Explosion-proof cable glands provide maximum safety in hazardous industrial areas. Armored and unarmored cables are available in explosion-proof enclosures (type "d"), increased safety (type "e") and restricted breathing (type "nR") for reliable operation. The cable glands are certified according to international standards (ATEX, IECEx, UL, GHOST) and have IP66/IP67 and IP68 protection.


  • Brass, for armored cables for safety type "e", for unarmored cables for safety types "d", "e" and "nR".  
  • Stainless steel, for armored and unarmored cables for safety type "d", "e" and "nR".  
  • With environmentally friendly seals made of thermoplastic elastomer (LSF)  
  • Screw plugs and pressure compensation for all versions 

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Modular System for Cable Entries

Thanks to the variably combinable cable grommets, the modular CES cable grommets enable quick and flexible routing of assembled and unassembled cables into the control cabinet. Cable entry system for secure sealing and strain relief according to DIN EN 50262. Individual elements are available in a variety of shapes and cable diameters. The cable grommets are very strong and reliably seal the cable glands and are IP54 certified.


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Cable Cntry Plates for Unassembled Cables

CES Multigates are metallic reinforcement plates for cable entries. Cable entry plates offer you a wide range of options for routing cables very compactly through the control cabinet wall. With CES Multigates, you can feed up to 37 unassembled cables into the control cabinet in a structured manner using a single element. Cable entry plates are also suitable for outdoor applications.


Your advantages:

  • Space saving at the control cabinet by relocating the plug-in connection to the interior space  
  • Easy handling: no special tools required  
  • High safety thanks to robust and oil-resistant design  
  • Reliable tightness due to multi-range grommets with strain relief  
  • Extensive product range - designs for different applications  
  • High dimensional stability of the plastic frames due to metal inserts


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