D-Sub hood with patented multiple locking system


PROVERTHA Cables & Solutions GmbH as a developer and manufacturer in the field of railroad technology, industrial automation, industrial communication, industrial electronics and in the automotive industry has released the new 217DCN - FLEXLOCK® series, a nickel-plated full metal hood for high-quality EMC applications with a patented multiple locking system.

This features:

  • Screw locking (thumbscrew, combination slot, Allen) or.
  • Quick Lock® push-pull locking (one-hand operation secured by audible feedback).
  • Other options for cable-to-cable connections: Locking with insert nut
  • Assembly of D-Sub halves by "snap-together" design
  • Connection only by snapping in
  • Only 2 pre-assembled cover screws necessary at the cable exit (time and cost saving)
  • Secure locking by retaining springs in spring steel design
  • Internal cable clamp
  • IP 20 protection class
  • Cable outlet 45° and 180°
  • For a temperature range from -55°C to +90°C
  • For harsh environments


Available in the following sizes and packaging:

  • 9-pole (size 1 / cable diameter 3 - 9.5mm)
  • In preparation: 15-pin (size 2 / cable diameter 3 - 8.5mm)
  • In preparation: 25-pin (size 3 / cable diameter 3 - 8,5 mm)
  • Complete set in bag
  • As bulk packaging for large series

If you have any further questions about the new D-Sub hood from Provertha, please do not hesitate to contact your contact partner in the office and we will be pleased to prepare your personal offer.

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