Electronic Distributor Börsig receives AEO F certificate


As an "Authorized Economic Operator" the company Börsig is considered to be particularly reliable and trustworthy.

The initiation of the " Authorized Economic Operator " (AEO) is a crucial fragment of the EU’s security concept for an effective risk management of customs administrations. After diligent and successful audit the electronic distributor Börsig obtains the AEO F certificate on April 4, 2014. Thus the company is certified having appropriate safety standards for simplified processing in customs handling.

Apart from the official character of this certification Börsig utilizes the AEO’s objectives in his operations as quality-distributor of connectors and other electromechanical components on international stage realizing a completely secured supply chain. The AEO certificate simplifies customs clearance, leads to less frequent custom inspections and is also taken into account for other safety-related measures. This means faster customs clearance which leads to more fast and flexible logistics. At the end of the day it’s part of a constant improvement process to optimize the cooperation for Börsig’s international partners.

Börsig looks at this title as an indicator for proven reliability and as preparation for future customer requirements. Applying for the "Authorized Economic Operator" was an opportunity for Börsig to review their own processes and the quality management system. "We have screened all the details. As a result we were able to identify opportunities for fundamental improvement which were then implemented right away.", tells Kathrin Schütz who was deeply involved in the project.

Being a certified “Authorized Economic Operator - Customs Simplifications/Security" (AEO F) ensures that the complete export related administration and data is comprehensible and reliable, a management-system for commercial and cargo records exists, the solvency and financial independence respectively is given and sufficient safety standards are in place. The safety standards include, for example, various measures for facility security and access control, but also an "employee screening" according to the EU regulation to ensure that no person with economic or legal restrictions – in accordance with all international sanctions lists – is engaged.

The Electronic Distributor Börsig will further strive to make international trade more secure and faster. With the receipt of the certificate AEO F Börsig has immediately filed the application for the "approved exporter" with the german custom authorities, which is processed within the next few weeks. Moreover, all arrangements are currently made to receive "known shipper "-status by the german “Luftfahrt-Bundesamt” (Federal department of aviation security) – although there were no complaints at unannounced inspections of the Federal department of aviation security so far.

<link file:448 _blank download f certificate of börsig gmbh.>AEO F certificate of Börsig GmbH

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