Hummel metal cable glands now also lead-free


Cable glands made of brass may currently contain a maximum of four percent lead. This is defined in an exemption regulation of the RoHS directive. This regulation will probably expire in July 2021.

Hummel is one step ahead and already offers a lead-free version with consistent quality.

The proven and valued properties such as high impact resistance, high sealing, wide temperature range and safe strain relief remain unchanged.

The familiar part numbers remain the same, only an addition of the two letters "LF" (Lead Free) indicates the lead-free version. The screw connections themselves are also labeled "LF" so that they cannot be confused with the standard.


Future-proof products

Hummel thus secures your products for the future. Due to the complete elimination of lead, these cable glands are much more environmentally friendly and save resources. The availability of the HSK-M M 12 to M 63 cable glands is therefore guaranteed for the future, even if the legal situation changes next year.


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