Off through the wall! Control cabinet bushings


Binder now offers control cabinet bushings suitable for the M12 and M12 Power product series 713, 813, 814, 823 and 824. Suitable for these connectors, the bushings enable the connection of signal, data and supply cables and comply with the DIN EN 61076-2-111 standard. 

The bushings are space-saving, robust and easy to handle. Pre-assembled cables can be connected. This eliminates the need to route cables and wire connectors in the control cabinet. Assembly and maintenance can thus be made more efficient and process-safe.

The main area of application is in automation technology, where reliable connections for signals, data or power supply are essential.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Industrial standard M12
  • Sealed (IP67)
  • Connection of pre-assembled cables
  • Process safety 
  • Complies with DIN EN 61076-2-111 standard

Below are the product specifications and the different control cabinet feedthrough series:


Product specifications:

  • Meets the requirements of IP67 protection class
  • Mechanical life >100 mating cycles
  • Operating temperature range -40 °C to +85 °C


Panel feedthroughs 713 Series

  • A-coding
  • 3 to 8 poles
  • 3 to 5-pole:
    Rated current 4 A at 40/250 V 
    Rated impulse voltage 1500/2500 V
  • 8-pole:
    Rated current 2 A at 30 V 
    Rated impulse voltage 800V 


Panel feedthroughs 813 Series 

  • T-coding
  • 4-pole
  • Rated current 12 A at 63 V (DC)
  • Rated impulse voltage 1500 V


Panel feedthroughs 814 Series

  • S-coding
  • 2 and 3 poles each + PE
  • Number of poles 2 + PE:
    Rated current 16 A 
    Rated impulse voltage 630 V
  • Number of poles 3 + PE:
    Rated current 12 A
    Rated impulse voltage 6000 V


Panel feedthroughs 823 Series

  • L-coding
  • 4-pole + FE (functional earth)
  • Rated current 16 A at 63 V (DC)
  • Rated impulse voltage 1500 V
  • Corresponding connectors with connection cross-sections of:
    1.5 mm2 (AWG 16) with ferrule, 
    2.5 mm2 (AWG 14) without ferrule


Panel feedthroughs 824 Series

  • K-coding
  • 4-pole + PE 
  • Rated current 12 A up to 630 V
  • Rated impulse voltage 6000 V


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