Signal and power cables of the RADOX® 125 family


The highly flexible cable of the Radox® 125 family from HUBER+SUHNER is mainly used for industrial applications.

As with the previous series, the reliable connection is maintained even under extreme environmental conditions. The second generation Radox 125 is suitable for use as a building product and meets the highest safety standards. In addition, the cable offers a high thermal and mechanical load capacity and is particularly resistant to chemicals. In addition, the service life is considerably longer than that of ordinary cables. Radox 125 is known for its very good resistance to high and low temperatures. Its resistance to oil, water and ozone, its high abrasion resistance and its high resistance to thermal pressure make it particularly resistant. Weather resistance and absence of halogen are further features of the cable.

The second generation of the RADOX® 125 family

All characteristics of the previous generation have also been retained in the 2nd generation. The difference is the CPR approval, as the improved plastic compound of the cable complies with the regulations of the latest EU Construction Products Regulation.

Fields of Application

The cable has many versatile uses, therefore there are many application examples. It is particularly suitable for the connection of motors, magnets, transformers and coils, as well as for the internal wiring of heaters, electrical devices, distribution boards in automation, control panels and sensors, and for the protected and fixed installation in pipes, directly in plaster or below, in cable ducts and also for surface cabling.

Overview of Advantages:

  • Temperature range: −40 to +125 °C
  • Temperature range (fixed installation): −55 to +145 °C
  • RADOX® does not melt and drip in the event of a short circuit or at high temperatures
  • Highly flexible, halogen-free, resistant and fire-retardant
  • RADOX® Cable sheathing (electron beam cross-linked insulation)
  • Easy to strip and process
  • CPR-Approval (EU Construction Products Regulation) Class ECA up to 6 mm² Class BCA for all other cross-sections

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