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TE Connectivity KISSLING Products

Now new in our portfolio - KISSLING products from TE Connectivity

Do you work in harsh environments and have demanding applications? With KISSLING products TE Connectivity now offers the perfect solution.

Power relays and switches from KISSLING are designed for high current, high voltage and switching applications. They offer a wide range of products, including standard and customized options. The portfolio also includes high-performance shrink technology for high-voltage distribution blocks. In addition, relays and switches can withstand harsh operating environments such as shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and moisture. KISSLING relays and contactors are gasless relays designed for long life under extreme operating conditions. They are sealed with technology that meets or exceeds IP67 and IP6K9K standards. They have a voltage range of 12 to 600 VDC and a continuous current range of 20 amps to 1000 amps.

With single coil or dual coil systems and monostable or bistable solenoid circuits, the relay range meets a variety of industrial requirements. However, we also know that our customers' individual needs and customized solutions are an important part of our business. Ultra-compact and lightweight variants are available for space and racing applications. The complete relay portfolio includes high power relays, intelligent relays, industrial power relays and special relays such as electronically controlled relays and time delay relays. KISSLING switches control the flow of current between the battery and accessories. They are sealed with IP67 and IP6K9K (steam cleaning) technology, making them a reliable solution for longer life under extreme operating conditions. The full line of switches includes HMI switches, rugged enclosed switches, piston switches and micro switches. We also offer battery switches from 200A to 500A.

Switches and battery switches are designed for commercial vehicles, special vehicles, factory and industrial applications, especially for start-stop systems in various mobile applications and control cabinets, as well as remote control capabilities. If there is no suitable product in our portfolio, we will work with KISSLING to develop a solution that meets your requirements.


Technical details about relays:

  • from 50A ...up to 1000A
  • DC power switching under load
  • 12V 800VDC continuous voltage with 100% duty cycle
  • wide product range
  • non latching
  • with latching
  • with / without electronics
  • without gas filling



Technical details of the switches:

  • IP65 to IP67 (IP6K9K) sealing
  • optional integrated control functions
  • optional integrated electronic controls
  • robust construction
  • extended lifetime

KISSLING switches


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