TE extends his Micro-MaTch Value-line connectors


TE Connectivity (TE) introduces his new Micro-MaTch Value-line connectors, including new parts that enhance the well-established Micro-MaTch family of products. The Micro-MaTch Value-line connectors feature a more economical design meeting the needs of industrial, consumer and data communications applications. They are designed around the existing, high quality Micro-MaTch connector system, but have been adapted to suit environments where broad temperature ranges, high durability cycles and vibration resistance are less relevant. On a pitch of 1.27 mm the novelty offers a wide varity of wire-to-board interconnections.

Your Key Benefits:

  • Promote value with an affordable and reliable wire-to-board connector system
  • Optimize PCB space with 1.27 mm centerline spacing
  • Enable efficient manufacturing with automatic placement and termination options
  • Help ensure a longer life with highly reliable gas tight and corrosion free connections between wire and insulation displacement contacts
  • Sustain low or high volume manufacturing with a full range of application tooling
  • Support a wide range of applications with cable connectors accepting all standard ribbon cable

Technical Specifications:


  • Ambient current: 1.4 A / 0.95 A
  • Termination resistance: 20 mV / 100 mA


  • Temperature range: -30°C to +85°C
  • Durability: 8 cycles
  • Engaging force: 6 N / contact
  • Separating force: 0.9 N / contact
  • Resistance to soldering heat: 2 cycles
  • Contact retention: 10 N / contact
  • Dry heat: T = 85°C for 16 hours
  • Cold test: T = -30°C for 2 hours
  • Rapid change of temperatures: -30°C/+85°C ; 15 min/15 min ; 10 cycles mated


  • Housing Material: PBT, 20 % GF, PA 4.6 30 % GF
  • Color: black
  • Contact Material: Copper Alloy

Typical Applications:

  • Security equipment
  • Mobile GPS devices
  • Lighting
  • Air & climate control units
  • Audio Video equipment
  • Electronic voting machines
  • Pay terminal

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