UL 2237 approval for binder M12


binder, a leading supplier of industrial circular connectors, now offers K- and L-coded flange parts within its 824/823 series, which have been developed in accordance with the UL 2237 standard for power applications in the North American market.

This includes 5-pole flange plugs and sockets that fulfil the IP68 degree of protection. The main areas of application for the M12 components with screw locking are electrical appliance and plant engineering as well as industrial control technology.

UL 2237: The standard specifies guidelines for testing connectors, cables, cable glands and fuse elements, including the grounding (bonding) path current test:

This specifies that the PE (Protection Earth) path must withstand a current of 190 A for connection cross-section AWG16 or a current of 300 A for AWG 14 for four seconds without interrupting. AC applications also require an abnormal overload test with 1.5 times the rated current - the fuse of the PE path must not blow - as well as an additional connection of the PE pole to the component housing.

In accordance with DIN EN 61076-2-111, the K coding stands for 5-pin M12 connectors for supplying power to AC applications such as drives or frequency converters. The limit values for rated voltage and current are 630 V(AC) and 12 A.

The L-coding also describes a 5-pin interface, but is specially designed for direct current applications up to 63 V(DC) and 16 A; this includes smaller motors or fieldbus devices in industrial automation.

The 5-pin flange parts of the 824 and 823 series from binder with K (4+PE) and L coding (4+FE, Functional Earth) have an M12 screw lock.

The connections are designed for stranded wires.

The conductor cross-sections are AWG16 and AWG14. For the AC components with K-coding, the requirements of UL 2237 have been implemented with a PE connection to the threaded ring. UL 2237 certification is currently in preparation.

The mechanical service life of the flange parts is specified as >100 mating cycles. The temperature limits are -40 and +85 °C (Series 824) and -40 and +105 °C (Series 823).


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