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Hartmann Codier GmbH
Industriestraße 3
91083 Baiersdorf

Hartmann Codier develops, manufactures and markets standard-components as well as customer-specific products for widely varying tasks.

The built-up Know-how incorporates with the more and more complex applications and lots of intelligent solutions in the field of electronic switches and connectors.

The original DIP switches and all the other products of the Hartmann Codier GmbH you can get at your Hartmann Codier Distributor Börsig.

Series of products

  • Rotary code switches PRINTHART

    Rotary code switches PRINTHART
    • Model range PRINTHART
    • For industrial applications
    • Switches featuring 3+3 as well as 4+1 termination-systems
    • Different operating options
    • Customer specific versions

    PRINTHART - range

  • DIP switches

    DIP switches
    • Alternative for rotary code switches
    • Different sizes
    • Different pitch-sizes
    • THT- or SMT-pins

    DIP switches - range

  • Slide switches SLIDEHART

    Slide switches SLIDEHART
    • Model range SLIDEHART
    • Miniature slide switches
    • ON/OFF or changeover

    SLIDEHART - range

  • Micro-switches MICROHART

    Micro-switches MICROHART
    • Model range MICROHART
    • Types A, B and D
    • According to DIN 41635
    • Snap switch available as breaker, closer or changeover
    •  Different operating-forces and powers to be switched

    MICROHART - range

  • Dual push button SWITCHHART

    Dual push button SWITCHHART
    • Model range SWITCHHART
    • 6 basic series
    • 10 or 16 switch positions
    • Smallest dimension 15 x 6 mm
    • Largest dimension 33 x ´8 mm

    SWITCHHART - range

  • Terminal blocks and PCB connectors INTERHART

    Terminal blocks and PCB connectors INTERHART
    • Model range INTERHART
    • Standard termination principles
    • Standard pitch-sizes

    Terminal block - range
    PCB connectors - range