Angled Conectors: binder Series NCC 720 and 770


Angled plastic connectors with snap-in and bayonet locking are structurally challenging as they are prone to mishandling. binder has developed a safe and rugged field-attachable angled version for the miniature 720 series, suitable for applications with tight mounting conditions. The miniature 770 NCC (Not Connected Closed) series is now also available in angled form and has variable cable outlet orientation.

These particularly compact angled connectors are used in a variety of appliance, building and system applications. The angled versions of the 720/770 series offer a reliable and space-saving alternative to the straight versions, especially where secure electrical connections need to be made in confined spaces.

The 720 series mechanically locks the electrical connection by engaging the snap hooks in a specific opening. But if the connector is pulled off at an angle to its axis rather than axially, this can destroy the plastic snap hooks. To avoid this error in the application, the developers at binder have inserted an angle between the contact body and the angle housing. Even if an application of force occurs at an angle to the connection axis, the snap hooks are protected.


Thanks to the additional threaded ring, the following expedient claims can be managed:

  • Based on this idea, Binder can also offer the angled version of the 770 series with numerous identical parts.
  • The user has the possibility to determine the direction of the cable outlet himself, because the contact body can be rotated in steps of 90 degrees.


There are usually difficulties when connecting cables to enclosures with a 90 degree angle. It is often difficult to bend the cables 90 degrees. Therefore, a 100-degree angle has been used for the new enclosures, which makes it easier to install the cables.

The series is designed for voltages from 60 V to 250 V and currents from 2 A to 7 A. For the three- to twelve-pole interfaces, the cable connection is made by soldering. They meet IP67 protection (mated) and can withstand over 500 mating cycles.

NCC right-angle connectors can be used in compact hand-held operating devices, medical devices for home use with patients, and laboratory measuring instruments that need to be installed in a particularly space-saving manner, such as in close proximity to a wall. Solder connections are also available on the 8-pin interfaces. The rated voltage and current are 175 V and 2 A. Thanks to binder's NCC technology, flange sockets achieve IP67 protection not only when mated, but also when unmated, which lasts for more than 5,000 mating cycles.

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