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You need signal, data or power for your PCBs? No problem with the HARTING har-flex® PCB connectors. Here you have a wide range of options with different designs, numbers of poles and even a miniaturized design. They are available with SMT and THR hold-downs. Hold-downs increase the robustness of the connectors and reduce the load on the contacts. With requirement level 1, har-flex® enables a reliable electrical connection for at least 500 mating cycles and is small, flexible and robust.


har-flex® PCB Connector for Signals

har-flex® Signal PCB connectors in the proven 1.27 mm pitch are ideal for miniaturized industrial applications. There are different versions from the number of poles 6 to 100 in steps of 2. Various designs, as straight, angled or with cable connection, give you individual options. Customized variants are possible on request.


har-flex® PCB Connector for Power

har-flex® Power has been developed for the transmission of high currents from 18 A to 29 A. Flexible manufacturing concepts are possible here for SMT and THR designs due to numbers of poles from 2 to 12. They are available in both straight and angled versions and can be used as parallel boards (mezzanine), with extender cards and in motherboard-to-daughtercard configuration. Due to the same form factor, har-flex® power and signal PCB connectors can be used together on one PCB.


har-flex® Hybrid PCB Connector

har-flex® Hybrid makes it possible to combine signal and power contacts on one PCB connector, saving space and effort. They are available in straight and angled versions and can be used with parallel boards (mezzanine), with extender cards and in motherboard-to-daughtercard configuration.


har-flex® HD - Card Edge PCB Connectors

The one-piece printed circuit board connectors of the har-flex® HD - Card Edge series with a contact pitch of 0.8 mm allow you to directly plug in printed circuit boards with a thickness of 1.6 mm. Due to the small number of contact points, data rates of up to 25 Gbps can be used in high-speed applications. Individual requirements can be met with pole numbers from 20 to 140 and optional hold-downs (SMT or THR).


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